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Hello, we are Dexter. We formed the band in 1997 and have been travelling up and down the UK, playing for guests at weddings, corproate events and any other kind of private event you can think of! 

There are 5 hugely experienced and greatly talented members in the band. We have a drummer/keyboardist, bassist, guitarist, male lead vocals and female lead vocals. Having such a great variety of instrumentation and both male and female lead vocals means we have the edge on most other bands for a fuller sound. It also means we can cover a wider variety of music as you can see in our repertoire.

Besides being great entertainers and fun-loving people, we're also courteous and professional, both on and off stage - so if you need a band that will represent your company in a professional light (at a corporate event for example) we should be the band for your event.

We've performed at all kinds of venues, from small marquees to the grand London Palladium. Between us we also have a number of recording credits and have supported Jools Holland & His Orchestra, Coolio, Catatonia and Honeyz.

So if you want a professional, experienced, fun, engaging, courteous live band with a huge repertoire of rock and pop party hits from the 60s to present day - look no further. But don't just take our word for it...read our previous clients' testimonials and look at our media. If you love what you see, get in touch by contacting Alive Network on 0845 108 5500.

Band Member Bios

Dexter Wedding Band Cheshire Cat
Cat - Lead vocals

I find being on stage intoxicating. The bright lights, the adrenaline, and an audience to amaze. I'm excited at every aspect of performing and to do this working along side a live band Is one of the best feelings in the world. My early background was predominantly theatre and dance based ,and this enabled me to work with some amazing artists, actors and directors while travelling the World in doing so. However I soon discovered that Singing would become my driving force. I have been fortunate enough to have worked in Canada over a period of three years as a performer and director. This has got to be one of my proudest achievements, and the ci meet the band. Looking back, it would seem that theatre performance was part of the bigger plan ,as it was while on stage performing in a musical production that I was to meet the future members of our band. Singing live alongside a very talented bunch of musicians who all share the same passion is truly amazing. Being part of Dexter brings us great pleasure, and we as a band strive to ensure that our audience will go home having had as good a time as us. It truly is the best job in the entire world! For me there is no greater feeling then when I'm singing with a live band especially Dexter. Some might say I'm biased but these people are probably the nicest, most talented bunch of people I've worked with. I am truly honoured to be apart of something so special these people have become my extended family!
Dexter Wedding Band Cheshire Steve Kelly
Steve Kelly - Lead vocals

They say “find a job that you love and you’ll never work a day in your life” and for me that’s proven to be true! Live performance has been my vocation for the last fifteen years in various bands, musical productions and shows that have spanned the length and breadth of the country and just about every genre of music imaginable. From rock, funk, soul, and pop to classic swing and musical theatre, and I consider it an enormous privilege to be able to make a living doing the thing I love. Dexter is the culmination of all that hard work and experience not only for me but for every member of the band. Around five years ago we all met whilst working in a touring musical production. Myself and Catherine (female vocal) had major parts as members of the cast and the rest of the band had been hired to provide the live music to accompany the show. We all hit it off immediately and realised that we shared the same passion for performance and the same hard won understanding of what it takes to make a truly great evening’s entertainment. Ever since then we’ve been working together flat out, providing our services for corporate events large and small and countless weddings at some of the most beautiful venues this country has to offer. Utilising our considerable combined experience, musical talent and boundless enthusiasm to deliver a show that I consider it an honour to be a part of. It really does have to be seen to be believed. Every member of Dexter loves what we do. That joy and energy comes of the stage in waves and when combined with the fantastic sounds this band can produce it’s almost impossible as an audience member to resist being caught up in it. And when that happens, there is no better place to be in the world than standing on that stage and knowing that you’re lucky enough to be a part of it.
Dexter Wedding Band Cheshire Steve Guitar Steve - Guitar 

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Dexter Wedding Band Cheshire Martin Martin - Drums 

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Dexter Wedding Band Cheshire Rob Rob - Bass 

I Have been playing for over 30 years in various originals, tribute and covers bands. It's all I've ever really known, I've been lucky enough to tour all over Europe and even had the privilege of playing with or supporting artists such as Jon bon jovi, The sugerbabes, Skin wishbone ash, Rainbow and use ashdown amps and Music man basses to name a few. Even after all these year my passion for playing is still very much alive and present. I feel very honoured to be apart of a band such a Dexter, we have a great chemistry and definitive style. Very recently I have a new found love of putting my stamp and interpretation on classic songs please check out the link below of a recent film I shot with Zeneration X music and film productions. https://youtu.be/6SqNtpa5W5I

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